About us

Since 1992 the freight forwarding company "SIGIS" has been rendering qualified forwarding services to individuals and legal entities for the carriage of goods by rail. As the official freight forwarder on Latvian, Lithuanian and Belorusian railways, we also have contractual relationships with freight forwarding organizations of the CIS countries, Georgia, Europe, China and Mongolia for freight forwarding in the railway network of the above countries.

The competitive advantage of the firm "SIGIS" is the fact that the freight forwarding may include arrangements of transportation by railways of the CIS and Baltic countries, using not only the general fleet of wagons, but also with the use of rolling stock owned
​​by third-party operators, increasing thus the range of transportation, simplifying and reducing the costs of solving freight forwarding problems of our customers.

As part of our activities, we provide professional assistance in dealing with the economic, financial, legal and other issues in the field of freight forwarding and rail transport as a whole. Some of our services include payment of tariffs and additional fees for transit and export-import transportation and continuous tracking of cargo location. If necessary, we do emergency tracing of lost empty and laden wagons and containers.